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Basketball is one of our favorite extracurricular activities.

Why I am So Grateful for my Daughter’s Extracurricular Activities

My eight year old daughter tried some new extracurricular activities this year and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity this presented me… Why? A few reasons, actually. I get to see her trying- and excelling at- new things. I get to see other parents parenting (which sometimes- admittedly- makes me feel better about my […]

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My Best Friend

You know those women with one best friend? A friend like a sister, a forever partner in crime, and a soulmate. The sort of epic friendship that requires girls’ weekends and nights out. Giggling, crying, gossiping, empire building, problem-solving, and world domination. Makeup, feminist ideology, and the merits of comfortable yet attractive shoes. Life-renewing, empowering […]

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My Virtual Friends

There’s something tragic and comical about being an extroverted stay-at-home single mom. I spend most of my time with my 5 year-old daughter, and whole days can pass where I have almost no interactions with adults. On a good day, I speak to the checkout person at the grocery store, make small talk with a stranger, […]

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best friend heartbreak

Best Friend Heartbreak

Upstairs tonight, I have two broken-hearted little girls tossing and turning in their beds. They are each missing an important piece of girlhood: a best friend. My oldest girl is sad because her best friend of two years has moved away. She tries to pretend it doesn’t bother her, but the loss cuts deeply. It […]

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Mom Child Colored Pencils

Young Mom, I love you.

I was a young mom. My first child was born a few days after my 22nd birthday.  Four months after completing my time in the military and moving back to my home-state of Vermont, I began my journey as a full-time student at UVM with an infant daughter in daycare. It was not the most ideal of […]

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That Friend

Growing up I counted myself lucky. I had a family, a home, and some pretty spectacular friends. It wasn’t until I had my own children, years later, that I could fully appreciate just how spectacular they were. There are two that helped me through countless trials. Boyfriends, bad friends, and other typical pre-teen drama. The […]

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