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My Daughter Has a Cavity and I Feel Like a Failure

I first brought my daughter to the dentist when she was about ten months old, and had a sparse collection of razor-sharp baby teeth. I had noticed a dark line on her incisors, and immediately assumed the worst: bottle rot. I was terrified that my precious baby would need expensive dentures, or would be toothless until her […]

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Confessions of a Homebody Mom

Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough stuff with my children. I see all these posts on Facebook of moms who take their kids places on a weekly basis – to museums, to science centers, to plays and playgrounds. It’s wonderful to think of the experiences these children are having, and the things they […]

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The Do-It-All Mama

I loathe her. I want to be her. Oh you know who I’m talking about.  The mom who seems to have it all put together.  You see her at music class with her two kids.  She’s the one with perfectly blow dried hair, flawless makeup, and in the cutest outfit you’ve ever seen. When I […]

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Prioritizing Your Guilt

It was a typical workday like any other.  I said bye to my sweet baby, drove to work, and started my day.  Too short of a time later, I realized I was supposed to pump. Fifteen minutes ago. I packed up my bag and got out my “pumping, please knock” sign (isn’t that fun to […]

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