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tit for tat giving

Tit for Tat – I Don’t Want my Kids Thinking Like That

Tit for tat is usually a term referring to exchanging blows in a fight. While my boys are certainly becoming experts in that regard (giant eye-roll), I’m using the term tit for tat in a more you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours kind of a way. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as my husband questions why I’m […]

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My Best Friend

You know those women with one best friend? A friend like a sister, a forever partner in crime, and a soulmate. The sort of epic friendship that requires girls’ weekends and nights out. Giggling, crying, gossiping, empire building, problem-solving, and world domination. Makeup, feminist ideology, and the merits of comfortable yet attractive shoes. Life-renewing, empowering […]

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Ice Cream by Chris JL (CC by 2.0)

How to Love and Support a Single Mom

If anyone thinks that parenting is a walk in the park, then perhaps you should go and pour me a glass of whatever you’re drinking. Make it a double, please. I think most of us can agree that parenting is hard. It’s an endurance event that never ends, where the participants willfully ignore the rules, […]

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On Love

I love talking about love. Love is wide blue sky simplicity, and ocean deep complexity. Love is low burning when pain comes stalking cold, and love consumes in passion, wild and white. Love is a loosening of a grip, and love is when there’s just no other reason for staying. Love is easy when we […]

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Mommy Must Haves: Must Haves.

I will be honest right up front. When trying to choose a ‘must have’ in my role as Mother, I became completely stumped. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I recall how much I loved my boppy pillow when nursing my newborn. And how much I relied on the lavender scented bubble baths for my cranky toddlers. And […]

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