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Inventions I Plan To Create When I Become A Parenting Super Genius

If necessity is the mother of invention, then inventions are necessary to survive modern momhood. The consumer parenting world is made of marvelous toys. We all turn to gadgets and doohickeys designed to give us parents a boost. This is not a new phenomenon, either. I remember my own mother having various weird objects to […]

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mommy brain

Mommy Brain: Does It Ever Go Away?

One of the first things I was warned of when I got pregnant was Mommy Brain.   Well, I guess I was really warned about Pregnancy Brain which then turns into Mommy Brain.  It seemed to make sense.  When you have a newborn, you are sleep deprived and focusing on pure survival.  Your brain can’t […]

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Mom Olympics

Want to Compete in the Mom Olympics?

This summer, I am training for the Mom Olympics. Finally, a sporting event I have a shot at winning, am I right? The world seems hell bent on making mothers compete against each other like rabid cats scrapping over leftover tuna. I agree with Erica that we should come up with a fun way to codify it […]

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trees, snowman

Christmas Break Diaries

December 23rd – Day 1 – I spend most of the day trying to convince my kids that Christmas is not tomorrow. They still don’t believe me, but they will probably get the message when there are no presents under the tree in the morning. I distract them by taking them to the local library, where […]

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Never Would I Ever

Never Would I Ever

I will never do that when I have kids. It’s a popular cliché, the idea that in the rosy pre-child-invasion phase of life we make long and super-judgmental lists of how we will raise our OWN kids perfectly. There is persistent belief that people who are not responsible for raising small humans cannot possibly understand […]

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