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Inventions I Plan To Create When I Become A Parenting Super Genius

If necessity is the mother of invention, then inventions are necessary to survive modern momhood. The consumer parenting world is made of marvelous toys. We all turn to gadgets and doohickeys designed to give us parents a boost. This is not a new phenomenon, either. I remember my own mother having various weird objects to […]

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In defense of internet comments

Alternate title: Thank you “concern trolls.” The. Comments. Section. Is it a new horror movie for the internet age? The new Wild Wild West? A lawless, dark place full of twisted characters and hate-filled toxic sludge? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes the spelling and grammar issues alone make me shudder and run for cover. (Srsly tho.) Other […]

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The Five Reasons You’re Probably a Better Mom than I am… And the One Reason You’re Not

Sometimes as moms we question our abilities. We compare ourselves to other moms, our families to other families, our lives to the lives of others. All of this comparing can make us feel inadequate and quite frankly, like we’re failing. I thought I would address some of the areas that I find myself caught in […]

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