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YouTuber Iz Harris and her son

My Favorite YouTube Channels for Everything You Need in Life

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a YouTube addict. My YouTube addiction started after my husband and I decided to cut the cord on our cable TV subscription. Because of this, we no longer have access to any cable networks. At first, I was worried about no longer being able to watch all […]

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organized planning

Planning to the Extreme: How Hyper-Organization is Driving me Insane

I know some people (myself included) are in the school of thought that too much planning is never a bad thing. “Measure twice, cut once,” amirite? My friends, this couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve mentioned a few times in my previous posts that I have OCD and extreme social anxiety. Well, part of that means […]

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My Daughter Has a Cavity and I Feel Like a Failure

I first brought my daughter to the dentist when she was about ten months old, and had a sparse collection of razor-sharp baby teeth. I had noticed a dark line on her incisors, and immediately assumed the worst: bottle rot. I was terrified that my precious baby would need expensive dentures, or would be toothless until her […]

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Life with Resting Grumpy Mom Face

Life with Resting Grumpy Mom Face

Grumpy: surly or ill-tempered; discontentedly or sullenly irritable; grouchy. “grumpy.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 15 Oct. 2015. <>. I am not a grumpy mom. I think I am pretty laidback and fun, most of the time. So you can imagine my surprise to discover I suffer from that scourge of our times: resting […]

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Ice Cream by Chris JL (CC by 2.0)

How to Love and Support a Single Mom

If anyone thinks that parenting is a walk in the park, then perhaps you should go and pour me a glass of whatever you’re drinking. Make it a double, please. I think most of us can agree that parenting is hard. It’s an endurance event that never ends, where the participants willfully ignore the rules, […]

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Motivation quote by Ryun

Motivation: How I Trick Myself into Exercising

In my last post, I spoke about my experience exercising while fat. I was delighted by the kind and supportive messages, questions, and comments I received. I noticed one question in particular came up frequently: how do you find the motivation to exercise? I confess, it is not always easy for me to race off […]

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