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Nature Play

Encouraging Children to Play in Nature

Have you ever taken a walk outside in nature with your children and watched them gather little objects that they find interesting and magical to play with? When children are outside regularly without constant access to toys or playsets, their curiosity can turn towards natural objects and healthy exploration of the world around them. If […]

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The Seven Joys of Mud Season

1} Children Love Mud Water + Dirt = Magic! Prepare for the annual Mud Pie Buffet – this year they are serving a nice gravel appetizer. Invest in rain pants and let the kiddos squish the muck to their heart’s content. If your child is Team Anti-Mud, make a game of mopping the entry hall. […]

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Top 4 Local Vermont Hiking Trails to Tackle with Your Kids

Top 4 Local Hiking Trails to Tackle with Your Kids Before They Turn 10

Today’s the day. Today you will go out and hike. You will bring your offspring and enjoy the outdoors (gosh darnit). The only mountain you know is Camel’s Hump. You have a vague memory of hiking this sometime after a night of drinking back in college. You don’t remember much about that other than it […]

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adventuring slide

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Adventuring with Kids!

It seems pretty daunting to bring young children out hiking or camping, what with all the dirty dirty faces, eating hot dogs for days, fire pits, not to mention the bugs… And WHERE do you go that is suitably beautiful but NOT Everest for Kids (aka Camel’s Hump)? Thankfully I’ve done the dirty work for […]

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Bug and Tick Spray slider

DIY Bug and Tick Spray

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  Henry James   Ah summer, how I love thee! Glorious sunshine, beautiful blue skies, mosquitoes and ticks… I love being outdoors as a family during our lovely summers, but I do not like feeling like a blood […]

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