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Ultimate Summer Guide

The Ultimate Vermont Summer Guide: 90+ Activities for Summer Fun!

School is out and summer has begun! Which means it’s only a matter of time until you hear those words that can drive any momma crazy – “I’m bored!”  We are here to rescue you from those dreadful words with our Ultimate Vermont Summer Guide full of ideas for some family fun! We’ve done the […]

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Age is a number

Age is Just a Number

I can remember the day my mom turned 40. I distinctly remember thinking that I never wanted to get that old. When I turned 20, I could not believe how close 30 seemed. Age, to me, has always been a scary marker of time passing. At 20, I also could never have imagined being friends […]

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My Best Friend

You know those women with one best friend? A friend like a sister, a forever partner in crime, and a soulmate. The sort of epic friendship that requires girls’ weekends and nights out. Giggling, crying, gossiping, empire building, problem-solving, and world domination. Makeup, feminist ideology, and the merits of comfortable yet attractive shoes. Life-renewing, empowering […]

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Mommy Must Haves: Must Haves.

I will be honest right up front. When trying to choose a ‘must have’ in my role as Mother, I became completely stumped. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I recall how much I loved my boppy pillow when nursing my newborn. And how much I relied on the lavender scented bubble baths for my cranky toddlers. And […]

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How Lung Cancer Broke My Heart

November is National Lung Cancer Awareness month. This is a little known fact coming out of Breast Cancer Awareness last month in October.  And yet, the statistics on lung cancer in this country are staggering.  In 2012 the Lung Cancer Alliance put out these facts about this horrendous disease.  Lung Cancer is the 2nd leading […]

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