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Synergy HomeCare Vermont – Help For Moms

{Disclaimer: We have partnered with Synergy HomeCare to bring you the following post. However, all opinions are our own!} Moms are usually the last people to ask for help, and during the pregnancy and new mom days, we are often the ones who need it the most! Take our contributor, Ashley, for instance. During her […]

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photo taken by North Photography LLC

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages So much effort is devoted to preparing for labor and birth throughout pregnancy, but what happens after the baby is born?! One minute, your baby was in your womb, and the next, you deliver him/her Earth-side. I sure felt like it was a shock. Did you […]

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Almost Done

“Almost done!” That’s what everyone keeps telling me, but pregnancy has a funny way of messing with time.  Days seem longer, weeks are anxiously marked and then you’re “almost done.” At 35 weeks, I don’t feel almost done. Gestational Diabetes has a way of making things feel drawn out.  In my earlier post, I shared what […]

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Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga: Helping Moms Live a Pain Free Life

We all know that pregnancy and the postpartum period can be difficult for moms. Our bodies go through intense changes and sometimes (unfortunately) traumatic experiences. This can all lead to dealing with aches and pains on a daily basis. Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga is a female owned business that focuses on meeting the unique […]

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mother monkey breastfeeding baby

Our Bodies Are Not Meant For Childbirth

Our bodies are meant for this. This innocent-sounding phrase is everywhere. You read it in novels. You hear the instructor in childbirth class repeat it again and again. And it’s all over on social media. It’s something women say to other women because they think that it is encouraging and helpful. Maybe you’ve even said […]

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pregnancy and postpartum guide

2015-2016 Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Guide

We are so excited to present this new resource of expecting and new moms! We know that pregnancy and the postpartum period can be a difficult time, but we are lucky to live in a community with so many fabulous resources! Our Pregnancy and Postpartum Support guide is full of sponsors and businesses around Vermont that […]

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The benefits of a Doula

Doula Support? YES

Doula support? YES More and more individuals and families are choosing to use the support of a Doula during their childbearing year, and specifically during the birthing process. I am a certified professional midwife, certified doula, and mother who used both midwives and a doula during my birth experience. As a care provider and recipient […]

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Don’t You Want Another One?

Don’t you want another one? Sometime around MJ’s first birthday people starting asking us this. At that time we weren’t ready, we’d had a rough start with him, he wasn’t sleeping through the night and the idea of having another one (regardless of what we wanted) wasn’t even a thought. It started right away, but […]

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8 Surprising Things I Learned from HypnoBirthing

8 Surprising Things I Learned From Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing? Hypnosis for Birth? Hyp-NO-WAY-did-she-really-do-that-birthing? However you say it, I’m here to share some things I learned from my experience. I first heard about hypno-birthing because both of my sisters used the method during their pregnancies and deliveries. They both remember their experience fondly, years later, and I am grateful to them for encouraging me […]

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