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Lil’ Vermonters Consignment Sale :: Closed

I love a good deal. Especially when it comes to baby and kid items.¬† Before we lived here in Burlington, we lived in Minneapolis, MN. One thing I loved about having my first baby in Minneapolis is that they had fabulous consignment sales. These were HUGE sales that filled up an entire arena at the […]

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60 Minutes of Pure Bliss: Earthy Soul Review and Giveaway: CLOSED

When you are pregnant it feels like every part of your body aches at some point.¬†With my first pregnancy I struggled with different aches and pains, but most of them didn’t hit until well into my second trimester. With this pregnancy, they seemed to come much, much sooner. As I was bemoaning to Shannon about […]

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Journey to Motherhood: Maternity Portrait Photography & Birth Day Sessions

In the August 1991 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Demi Moore graced the cover nude and pregnant.¬†This memorable portrait beautifully broke down the barriers that had women hiding their pregnancies under shape-less clothing.¬†Annie Leibovitz was the photographer for this iconic image that started a slow upward trend in maternity photography. I simply love the write-up […]

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My pelvic floor has muscles?

Ladies…Mama’s, I want to talk to you about something very near and dear to my heart. Actually it’s more near to my belly button but that just doesn’t sound the same. Your Pelvic Floor! Otherwise known as your kegels, your pee pinchers, or your love muscles. You have them, I have them, and your baby(s) […]

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A Good Gift

I want to tell you a story about receiving a gift worth more than anything I could ever afford or repay. ¬†I will never own it, though it was given to me, and I suspect it will bring as much pain at times as it does joy. ¬†I choose this story as a way to […]

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