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10 Lessons in Marriage

8 years ago today I walked down the aisle in the middle of a beautiful pecan grove…in Phoenix where you can walk down the aisle outside in March…towards my best friend.  The day was perfect, as any bride would say of their wedding day.  Surrounded by our friends and family, we made our vows to […]

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50 Shades of Sleep: Sleep Training a Baby

BurlingtonVT Moms Blog is partnering with Phoenix Physical Therapy to bring you our latest series titled “50 Shades of Sleep”, about…you guessed it….sleep.  Like an elusive treasure, we find ourselves obsessing about sleep not only for ourselves but for our children as well.  Although we may not consciously recognize it we are constantly making decisions […]

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Hotel Vermont + Farmer’s Dinner = Unforgettable!

So there’s this place in town called Hotel Vermont.  Have you been there yet?  Oh my goodness, get your date clothes on and get over there!  Forgive me for being a little late to the game, I don’t know what took me so long to step foot into that beautiful and delicious place. Last week […]

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When Daddy Travels…

My husband travels for work…and school…a lot.  When we moved here from Seattle over two years ago my husband’s company told him they didn’t care where he lived just so long as he continued to work for them.  We were completely blessed by that!  It also took the pressure off of finding a new job […]

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Discovery Dynamos: Snowboarding for young kids

My son Aden got the bug for snowboarding last year when his grandmother bought him one of those cheap plastic snowboards from Target.  We only used it a few times last year but that was enough to plant a seed.  This year that plastic snowboard was the first thing he wanted to pull out of […]

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The Christmas Eve Box

I love traditions, especially around the holidays.  Last year we started doing advent bags.  In each bag there contains a scripture and a small activity to do for the day.  We had such a good time doing them last year and are enjoying the count down again this year. Well, I’ve found another one that […]

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Kid’s Eat Free at Boloco!

It’s Monday.  You’re probably coming off a wonderful weekend with the family and now need to settle back into your weekly routine.  That includes cooking a healthy dinner for your family for the next 5 nights…straight.  That thought alone, at the beginning of the week, is enough to depress me.  I love to cook but […]

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Stephanie’s Mommy Makeover

As you know we did a Mommy Makeover a week ago!  We were fortunate enough to send one lucky lady to Tootsies for some spa treatments, to Ecco to do a little shopping, to Indigo Salon for hair and makeup and to Boloco and Nika for lunch and dinner.  Here is a recap of our […]

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