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Eating Locally in the Spring

I eat mostly local food. Overall, this is born from the fact that I sell at a farmers market and have goodies left over at the end of the market that I trade with other vendors that have things like meat, produce and bread left at the end of their selling day. It’s a great […]

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The Seven Joys of Mud Season

1} Children Love Mud Water + Dirt = Magic! Prepare for the annual Mud Pie Buffet – this year they are serving a nice gravel appetizer. Invest in rain pants and let the kiddos squish the muck to their heart’s content. If your child is Team Anti-Mud, make a game of mopping the entry hall. […]

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spring photo contest

Spring Fun Photo Contest!

We LOVE that spring is finally here! Brighter colors, warmer weather, and things beginning to bloom all around us! While we are all celebrating the new season, we couldn’t think of a better way to show YOU some love then by having a fun photo contest with a chance to win a prize! We will […]

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But what do April snow showers bring?

Winter broke like a fever and suddenly it’s spring, birds chirp merrily in the trees, darting down to the spongy moss covered earth that’s bare and raw, snow drawn back like a curtain, exposing little shriveled fermented apples and wiggling earthworms. The air is warm and damp and full of excitement because spring is literally […]

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Booking Across the USA: Vermont Books and Fun Activities

We are excited to be participating in the Booking Across the USA project as Vermont’s representative blog! In an effort to showcase regional books, blogs in each state are highlighting a book unique to their culture/state. To get some ideas of some great books to add to your little one’s reading list, check out the entries […]

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