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Monday Morning Photo

Monday Morning

This past Monday morning, my 4 year old spent the 15 minutes between when my husband went to work and when we should have gotten on the school bus screaming that “he wants Daddy.” Not only was he screaming, he was also crying. Like big ole’ crocodile tears crying. Crying like you would expect a […]

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cultivating sensory play

Cultivating Sensory Play

Have you ever smelled something and been flooded with memories of childhood? Ever watched a movie or show, that brought you right back to that moment in time when you first laid eyes on it? Ever taken a sip of a drink that took you back to a warm summers night at sunset? From birth, […]

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The Art of Toy Rotation

Does this sound familiar? Throughout the day our son would leave a tornado of destruction by pulling all of his toys out and not ever really playing with any of them. Toys were piled in a heap, and bins were repeatedly dumped. I didn’t know what to do with all of them, and wanted him […]

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I like the Quiet

I Like the Quiet.

My youngest child went to kindergarten. The only creatures in my house, aside from some unnamed and unwelcome fruit flies, are me and my cat, Doyle. I sit here at my desk and listen. Quiet. I like the quiet. I can hear the whir of the computer fan. There are some birds outside, doing exciting […]

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The Do Everything Parent

For the longest time I was a stay-at-home mother and I loved it! I loved everything about it. The arts and crafts I created with my kids, the day trips anywhere we wanted, and the snuggles, oh the snuggles. After twelve years home, and four kids, I have returned to working full-time (plus a part-time […]

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Stop Mom Comparison

A few weeks ago I took my daughter to a friends house for a playdate. Little did I know that playdate would turn into an evening of tears. Not my daughter’s, but mine. We arrived in good spirits. The morning went better than usual. The kids were in something other than pajamas, teeth were brushed, […]

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