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Happy & you know it

To My Kids: If You’re Happy And You Know It, Be Grateful

I stand in the kitchen washing breakfast dishes, listening to the sounds of a household getting organized. My husband packs helmets and goggles into ski bags. My 10-year-old wraps up his morning video game session. And upstairs my 8-year-old is playing the blues, lamenting the poor fortune that befalls her on this snowy winter morning. I mean that quite literally. […]

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The Beating of a Thankful Heart

Sometimes, clarity is found in quiet…in absence. Somedays are full of stillness and I find myself spending more time being mindful of all that is right before me. It seeps through the cracks of my days and keeps me thoughtful through the night. In the midst of the daily chaos, the messes, and the stress, […]

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Giving Thanks

In the mornings when the baby is still snoozing next to me, warm creature snuggled into the c shape of my body, I like to gaze out the window above me to the forest. The trees, still wrapped in the early blanket of gauze sway slowly, arms reaching upward, the last few leaves still clinging […]

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